Decompile Android APK File

In this tutorial, we will show you how to decompile Android APK file.
Decompile APK File

Tools Used
1. Android Device (any brand, I’m using Samsung Phone GT-N7100)
2. Computer.
4. dex2jar-
5. APKTool v1.5.2
6. ES File Explorer File Manager

The steps in this tutorial are really simple and I’m share is for us to learn Programming Language, and i’m a programmer too, so i’m not intend to ‘steal’ other people hard-work modify and resell it, so this tutorial is mainly for us to learn java programming language. 🙂

Decompile APK File

Prepare environment In Computer
1. Create Folder in C:\Decompile, and in this folder have the following folder structure
Decompile APK File
2. Download JD-GUI ,dex2jar-, APKTool v1.5.2 and extract it to this folder C:\Decompile\Tools and the final folders structure will look like this
Decompile APK File

Prepare environment In Phone
1. Install ES File Explorer File Manager into your phone device.

Step By Step
1. Connect your phone to your computer.
2. Go to your phone start ES File Explorer File Manager and then press left soft key and navigate to Library > App manager / App. And you will see screen like below
Decompile APK File
Choose app you like to decompile (By tap and hold for 1 second) , for this tutorial we will choose Calculator + ,don’t worry i just decompile my own file, you can find it from here, and tap the backup icon at the bottom of screen. The apk file will backup into this path /storage/sdcard0/backups of your phone.
3. In your computer, browse your phone folder and look for this path Computer\(Your Phone Model)\Phone\backups\apps, copy the Calculator +_1.0.apk to C:\Decompile\Apk.
4. Go to Start > Type Cmd > Enter , open a command prompt.
5. This is the interesting part, copy and paste the below command to command prompt and hit enter you will see the jar file is located in C:\Decompile\code

  1. Go to start the JD-gui, and browse to this directory C:DecompileCode and choose Calculator +1.0.jar. you will see all code in jar like below image. And you can see code generated is almost same with the original code posted here. –-‘
    Decompile APK File
  2. APKTool is another tool which could also decompile jar file and output the resource file like image,sound, etc, if you need resource file, if you really need it! , paste these command into command prompt and hit enter and code will decompile and save into C:DecompileCodeCalculator

Don’t Steal My Code!!! 😀 Hope you enjoy the post.