ASP.Net MVC Pass Data From View To Controller

Tan Woon How

He is a learner and know little around .Net and Java. He learned and share if you see his mistake... feel free to comment and laugh at him... and also please help to correct him.

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  • Frameworks

    ERROR 404 NOT FOUND when i submit with ajax.

    • Tan Woon How

      You need to make sure you enter the correct endpoint.
      For our example, in the jQuery code, test (controller), Ajax(Action), make sure configure correct for the url in ajax call. If you still having issue try make a HTTPGet function without parameter to make sure it’s correct in easy way (HttpGet) before (HTTPPost) passing data back to controller.

  • augustobotossi

    Dude, your tutorial saved me from a lot of trouble! Thank you so much!!

    • Tan Woon How

      You’re Welcome! 🙂