Android Studio Spinner Populate Data From Sqlite

Tan Woon How

He is a learner and know little around .Net and Java. He learned and share if you see his mistake... feel free to comment and laugh at him... and also please help to correct him.

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  • Mario German Agudelo

    An excellent tutorial, thanks for sharing your knowledge with all of us, I have the following question: I have a database already created and which is shown in a Recyclerview with values such as ID, name and telephone number and I want to place a spinner which leave me place a set of values, as I can do so that when you click on a value of the spinner that value in SQLite is saved and then when reentering activity show me the stored value, I appreciate all the help you can me offer. Thank you.

  • Archana

    Hi I have created table and the table is holding data as well. Now i need to pull the data from table(SQL Server Databse) Requesting you to help me on this.

    • Tan Woon How

      Hi Archana
      Sorry i don’t have one. i will do one this week. stay tuned πŸ™‚