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Yup! Another programming experience sharing portal.

I HOPE InstinctCoder.com WILL NOT LIKE any other site you visited before gave you the complex solution but can’t understand what are they doing but no choice just copy and paste to kill bugs.-_-‘.

In any situation my instinct told me please go for the EASIEST ONE, IDIOT! So i hope my tutorial doesn’t make you feel another site again.

I don’t like to spend time reading lengthy article to learn new gadget,technology, whatever, that’s make me fall asleep. I preferred to learn new things base on code and then try,try…try..,zzzzzzz… Hahah.. Still fall sleep! But at least this is the efficient way for every programmer to learn and understand.:D

Make sure you learned and delivered result and don’t be PENIS all the time… 🙁 just like below wisdom words
When a lady is pregnant, all her friends touch her stomach and say “Congrats!”.
But none of them come and touch the man’s Penis and say “Well done!”.
Moral: Hard work is never appreciated: Only result matters.

Yup! That’s me!

I’m social too.
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